FIPPA Update

01 Feb 2017 FIPPA Update

16469028_10207867654481851_2041936608_nSo, the case is finished. The trial has wrapped up. The judge has heard our oral arguments and will now reserve judgement, contemplate what was written, and what was said and give us his decision in the next little while. We will keep you, our dear supporters, updated. The government of Ontario made compelling arguments this afternoon about the need for the judge to be deferential to the choices of the law makers. This required careful reply. The outcome of this case is not certain – it could go either way. Your continued prayers for a favourable decision are coveted.

Please visit the below links for more information on this case:

Ontario Government Forced to Answer to Court for Censoring Abortion Stats

Press Release: Blocking Ontario Abortion Stats Blocks Proper Health Policy Research


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