A timeline of ARPA Canada’s engagement on the euthanasia issue

31 Jan 2019 A timeline of ARPA Canada’s engagement on the euthanasia issue

Euthanasia has been a top priority issue for ARPA Canada over the past few years.

  • 2015: ARPA intervened in Carter v. Canada, the landmark Supreme Court case which struck down the prohibition on assisted suicide.
  • 2015: ARPA produced a paper showing the government that their legislative options included affirming a total ban of euthanasia.
  • 2015: ARPA  engaged in direct lobbying on Bill C-14, which amended the Criminal Code to legalize physician-assisted suicide.  The Hill Times recorded ARPA Canada as having the top number of Parliamentary lobby meetings on this issue in December 2015.
  • 2016: ARPA Canada presented to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Justice, urging Parliament to protect all human life from the dangers of legalized assisted suicide.
  • 2016-2017: ARPA created the video documentary series Ending Suffering: The Palliative Care Alternative
  • 2018: ARPA updated its policy report on Assisted Suicide & Euthanasia
  • 2019: ARPA Canada applied for, and was granted, intervener status in the Lamb case.

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