Author: Andre Schutten

12 Jul 2019 Pastor preaches gospel. People react. Police arrest pastor.

This week (July 10) pastor David Lynn appeared in court for the second time. In early June, pastor Lynn of Christ’s Forgiveness Ministries was arrested and charged with “causing a disturbance” (section 175 of the Criminal Code), held in jail overnight, and released on bail the next morning. His crime: preaching the gospel on the corner of Church and Wellesley. The Toronto Police explained in a news release at the time (image of the release copied below) that pastor Lynn’s message was “causing alarm” in the community (the Church and Wellesley...

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05 Jul 2019 Gender politics in classrooms is hurting kids

Teaching little boys and girls that they’re neither: Gender politics in classrooms is hurting kids Barbara Kay, in a National Post article called “When gender identity education and theory goes wrong”, comments on a story that illustrates much of what’s wrong with teaching the new gender orthodoxy to children. This six-year-old was plunged into considerable distress when told by her teacher that “girls are not real”. To summarize the story: the Buffones family’s six-year-old daughter, referred to as “N” to protect her privacy, was a happy girl, comfortable in her skin, and...

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18 Jan 2019 Where is Canada going with euthanasia in 2019?

There's been several concerning developments relating to euthanasia in Canada in the past few weeks, and one exciting update as it relates to ARPA and a court case on euthanasia. In the video below, André touches on two things: First, ARPA's response to the Council of Canadian Academies report on euthanasia, in relation to expanding it to minors, those with mental disabilities, and for advance care directives Second, the exciting news that ARPA Canada, along with Bethesda Foundation in BC and the Anchor Association in Ontario, have been granted...

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