Author: Elyse Vroom

15 Apr 2021 Our Presence Matters

Should Christians attend or organize public protests of bad laws, or rallies in support of good laws? That was the question I asked myself when presented with an invitation to attend an event on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery. The rally was being organized in support of a father who is in jail for the “crime” of going against a court order by expressing concern about how transgender ideology is affecting his child. I admit I was not especially excited to attend this rally on the steps of the...

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11 Mar 2021 Press Release: MPs set to vote on a “life and death” bill

For immediate release from the Association for Reformed Political Action (ARPA) Canada March 11, 2021 OTTAWA, ON – The Liberals, with the help of the Bloc Québecois, have just voted to end debate on Bill C-7. This means that later this evening, Members of Parliament will be voting on Senate amendments to Bill C-7 which expands Medical Assistance in Dying. The New Democrats and the Conservatives have indicated they will be opposing the Senate amendments that were added to the bill within the past number of weeks.   “The Senate has radically expanded this already...

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12 Aug 2020 Further reflections and clarifications regarding mandatory masks in church

By André Schutten On July 23rd I released a 20-minute video on the ARPA Canada Facebook page. In it, I gave some reflections on the bylaws that many Ontario municipalities have adopted which mandate the wearing of masks in indoor spaces, including churches. I argued that there is some unfairness in requiring people to wear masks in church and questioned whether the civil government had authority to do so. I also tried to explain why church leadership ought to wrestle with the question of jurisdiction (church or state authority on the...

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