Legal Cases

26 Jun 2009 Supreme Court says girl’s forced blood transfusion didn’t violate rights

Canada's top court on Friday dismissed the case of a Manitoba girl — a Jehovah's Witness — who said her rights were violated when she was forced to get a blood transfusion against her will because she was a minor. In a 6-1 ruling, the Supreme Court ruled that such medical interventions are constitutionally sound. [Keep reading this story here.] ...

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20 May 2008 Quebec Mayor Vows to Continue Prayer Despite Human Rights Commission Order

By Hilary White SAGUENAY, QUEBEC, May 16, 2008 ( - Yesterday it was reported that the city of Saguenay, Quebec, has been ordered by the Quebec Human Rights Commission to cease offering prayers at city hall. Today, however, the city’s mayor has responded defiantly saying that the prayers would remain a part of the town meetings. He said the decision of the Commission was non-binding and added that the decision was itself discriminatory against people who want to pray. “They think this contravenes human rights, I agree ... some 20 people around the table want to pray and to prevent them from doing so would infringe on their rights,” Mr. Tremblay said.
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19 Oct 2007 Latimer’s Appeal for the Royal Prerogative of Mercy

By Cloverdale ARPA Background and introduction You may be wondering why we are discussing the Latimer issue. It has not really been in the news since the Supreme Court of Canada upheld his life sentence without eligibility for parole for 10 years. It may seem, therefore, that the Latimer issue is a dead one. However, let us not be fooled by the media's silence. The issues surrounding the Latimer case are still very real ones.
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