Bill 34: Standards for Medical Clinics (Quebec) Tag

24 Aug 2009 The abortion distortion

National Post - August 21, 2009: By Andrea Mrozek And Rebecca Walberg'Safe, legal and rare" is the mantra of consensus-seeking pro-choice feminists, and one that at least acknowledges that abortion is not a desirable outcome for any pregnancy. But today in Quebec, abortion activists are rebranding. Try this newly truncated motto on for size: "just keep it legal." Bill 34 in Quebec was an attempt to legislate the same standards for all out-patient medical clinics. The bill, it's worth noting, never mentioned abortion,...

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22 Aug 2009 Quebec Health Minister Exempts Abortion Facilities from New Surgical Clinic Law

By Patrick B. Craine: QUEBEC CITY, Quebec, August 20, 2009 ( - Faced with loud criticism from the Quebec College of Physicians (the College) and other groups, Quebec Health Minister Yves Bolduc announced Tuesday that Quebec's private abortion facilities would be exempted from the new legislation governing surgeries at private medical clinics.
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