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23 Nov 2007 Act Now> Unborn Victims of Crime Private Member’s Bill

Now is the time to show your support for Bill C-484. Here are some options: 1) Contact your MP, the Justice Minister, and the Prime Minister. For talking points, check out Ken Epp's fact sheets available on his personal website here. 2) Click here for a PDF of a petition that you can use to collect signatures in support of this legislation. Simply print it off, collect at least 25 signatures, and give it to your MP or to Ken Epp, the MP who introduced this bill. Do this as...

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22 Nov 2007 Unborn Victims of Crime Bill Introduced [Action Item]

Update> This bill has passed its first vote in Parliament and is now before the Justice Committee for further analysis. Press Release - Nov 21, 2007 - Ottawa – Ken Epp, Member of Parliament for Edmonton-Sherwood Park, introduced in the House of Commons today a Private Members Bill that would allow criminal charges to be laid in the death or injury of an unborn child when the child’s mother is the victim of a crime. “This is all about protecting the choice of a woman to give birth to her child,” said Mr. Epp. “It is about condemning the actions of those who would take it upon themselves to criminally assault a pregnant woman and the child she wants and loves, destroying that child against her will.”
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