Bill S-201: Genetic Profiling Tag

04 Apr 2017 The real genetic discrimination no one is talking about

ARPA's Director of Law and Policy, André Schutten Something unusual happened in Parliament last month. More than 100 Liberal MPs defied their leader, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and voted in favour of a bill that had originated in the Senate. Bill S-201 would disallow what's called "genetic profiling". ARPA's Director of Law and Policy, André Schutten, says the goal is to make sure that genetic testing can’t be required in applications for employment or life insurance policies. He says under this law, “a life insurance policy, or a health policy, or...

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23 Mar 2017 Genetic Discrimination in Canada is Real and it is Lethal

By André Schutten I’m not sure if it’s hypocrisy or ignorance, but three political stories this past week exposed a massive, rotting cavity in our collective moral code. 1) The federal government’s bill to remove “zombie laws” (laws that remain on the books after being struck down by the courts) will delete an inoperative abortion law, struck down by our Supreme Court in 1988. The Toronto Star’s Chantal Hebert says the movewill “predictably” divide the Conservatives. ARPA offers a different perspective. Either way, removing the inoperative abortion provision reminds us all that...

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