Bill S-209: Corporal Discipline Tag

06 Oct 2009 Action Item: MP Stands Up for Parental Authority and Needs Support

ARPA Action Item: MP Kelly Block is being ridiculed for standing up for parental responsibilities. Send her a note to thank her for addressing this issue. And send a note to your MP, the Justice Minister, and the Senators from your province, urging them to uphold a parent's freedom to use corporal punishment and to vote against Bill S-209. For more information, click here.  David Hutton and Janet French, The StarPhoenix, October 06, 2009: Saskatoon-Rosetown-Biggar MP Kelly Block calls spanking a "traditional punishment" and is asking her constituents to help...

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07 Feb 2009 Action Item: Anti-Spanking Bill Re-Introduced

According to a My Canada newsletter, "Senator Hervieux-Payette has re-introduced her Anti-Spanking bill, S-209, and it has passed first reading in the Senate. S-209 would remove corporal punishment (ie spanking) from what is considered "reasonable force" in correcting a child." Click here to read the ARPA Canada action item the last time that Senator Hervieux-Payette introduced this. Please take a few minutes to email or call a Senator who represents your area as well as your MP. You can read the actual bill by clicking here. ...

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