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13 Nov 2020 Inviting Your MLA to a Feast

The votes are tallied. The final results are in. British Columbia’s MLAs have officially been elected or re-elected. Now is the time to begin building relationships! So how do I build relationships? Building relationships requires work and patience. And, in some cases, a feast. (Intrigued? Keep reading.) A number of years ago ARPA developed a 12-Step Action Plan to guide you in building a relationship of trust and respect with your local government official. This plan outlines one step for every month in the calendar year that you can take to foster that...

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06 Nov 2020 What if British Columbia and Canada were governed by students?

Imagine a parallel universe in which British Columbia and all of Canada were ruled not by adults, but by students. Two weeks ago, British Columbians went to the polls to elect a new provincial government. A little over a year ago, Canadians also elected a new federal government. We all know the outcomes: the BC NDP won a solid majority at the provincial level, with the BC Liberals bleeding seats and BC Greens maintaining their support. At the federal level, the Liberals won a minority government. The Conservatives formed the official...

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25 Oct 2020 Fear God and Honour the Emperor: The Results of the 2020 BC Election

According to the preliminary results of the 2020 British Columbia, the BC NDP has won a major electoral victory. The NDP is projected to win 55 of British Columbia’s 87 seats. Of the five electoral victories for the BC NDP, this election gave the party a larger margin of victory than in the 1996 and 2017 and a smaller margin of victory compared to 1972 and 1991 elections. However, these are just preliminary results. Elections BC issued almost 725,000 mail-in ballots, or about 20% of all total votes, that remain to...

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elder care in Canada

20 Oct 2020 Fully public long-term care is not ideal elder care

A BC NDP government will move to an entirely public system of senior care if elected, leader John Horgan said. The British Columbia provincial election is coming up on October 24, and after the COVID-19 pandemic exposed many deficiencies in long-term care facilities, this is a key issue for all parties to address. As home care services improve and our senior population increases, people age at home for longer and so often require high levels of care when they enter long-term care. But is full government provision of that care...

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08 Oct 2020 Press Release: ARPA Canada responds to misleading statement

For immediate release from the Association for Reformed Political Action (ARPA) Canada October 8, 2020 OTTAWA, ON – Earlier today the BC NDP issued a press release with a false and misleading statement. We have respectfully asked them to change it, but they have not yet responded to our request. ARPA Canada believes that all human beings are created in the image of God and it is our desire to advocate for equal respect for everyone. It is disappointing that the actions of the BC NDP in sending out this misleading statement have caused...

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22 Sep 2020 BC Election Provides New Opportunity to Advance Sound Policies

British Columbians are heading into an election. On September 21, Premier John Horgan requested from the Lieutenant-Government, Janet Austin, to dissolve the British Columbian election and trigger an election. The election date is set for Saturday, October 24. Elections are opportunities for change. COVID has brought many changes and disruptions to society, and this election is an opportunity for a political party or a movement to capture the vision of British Columbians and shape the province for decades to come. Elections are opportunities for change...

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