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09 Dec 2008 Amsterdam to Close Brothels, Gambling Parlors

By Erin Blad, Dec. 8, 2008 Amsterdam has unveiled a comprehensive plan to close up to half of its businesses that "generate criminality," including brothels, gambling parlors and marijuana cafes. Saturday’s announcement also includes offering help for those who lose their jobs as a result of the plan. Amsterdam legalized prostitution in 2000. [Keep reading this article here.]...

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09 Jan 2008 “It’s Only A Dollar!” Some churches hold Bingos and sell raffle tickets, so can gambling really be wrong?

by Sharon L. Bratcher* “I think we should have a Bingo night to raise money for our community.” “All you spend is $1.00 on a ticket and you could win $1,000,000!” “Our organization is having a raffle to raise money for the handicapped; will you buy a ticket for only $1.00? You might win a 10 speed bicycle!” “I just won $2,000 in the lottery – isn’t that great?” Often we have friends and neighbors and perhaps even relatives who participate in the lottery, raffles, or other types of games of chance. And among secular and some professing Christian groups, games of chance are popular fundraisers because they are a fairly easy way to raise a large amount of money fast.
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