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23 Mar 2009 Alberta Considers Making Parents’ Control over Education a “Human Right”

By Thaddeus M. Baklinski: EDMONTON, Alberta, March 23, 2009 ( - The Alberta government will consider changes to its human rights law to give parents more control over what their children will be taught in school, according to a Calgary Sun report."Though there is some coverage of this issue under existing rules governing schools, the decision of parents would now be recognized as a fundamental human right," the report explained.
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09 Mar 2009 BCTF ‘Social Justice’ conference at UFV told teachers how to manipulate student attitudes

NEWS RELEASE, FEB. 25, 2009, Parents for Democracy in Education By Ron Gray Feb. 20 and 21, I attended the first “Social Justice conference” staged by the BC Teachers’ Federation at University of the Fraser Valley in Abbotford. It was an eye-opener!  Although the stated purpose of the conference was to show teachers how to approach the Social Justice 12 curriculum adopted under BC’s Corren Settlement Agreement, an underlying purpose was clearly revealed by a graphic of a staircase, distributed by the BCTF in its information packages: the goal is to move students’ attitude towards LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and questioning) people beyond “tolerance” to “acceptance”—and then further along to “support,” “admiration,” “appreciation” and finally “celebration” of deviant sexuality.
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