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10 Sep 2008 Are Canada’s politicians talking about what Canadians want to hear?

eReview #50 - By Dave Quist, Executive Director, Institute of Marriage and Family CanadaSo it begins. Canadians are now in the midst of a federal election. Over the next 35 days, we will be inundated with information—email, “demon-dialers”, TV, radio, newspapers, even at the front door of our homes. It won’t end until voting day, Tuesday, October 14. For some of us, it will be policy wonk heaven – debates, policy announcements and political rhetoric every day. For others, it will be the longest five weeks imaginable.If pundits are correct, we are going to hear a lot about leadership, economic indicators, the environment, jobs and healthcare. These are important issues. However, there are several other topics that should also be part of public discourse. This is true whether they receive any serious consideration this election cycle or not. Here are some of the issues that we would like to see discussed during this federal campaign and subsequently, the 40th Parliament:
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