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27 Jun 2008 Northwest Territories passes motion in support of equal parenting and Vellacott’s Motion M-483

For Immediate Release - June 27, 2008 OTTAWA – The Northwest Territories has demonstrated its pioneering spirit by paving the way for equal parenting in Canada. Guided by the leadership of Kam Lake MLA David Ramsay, the Legislature of the Northwest Territories, on June 19, passed a motion to affirm the importance of "equal parenting" as in the best interests of children even in cases of marriage breakup and family dissolution. This guiding principle of course recognizes exceptions in cases of proven child abuse or neglect. In speaking to his motion, Ramsay said, "I believe strongly that both parents should be involved in the upbringing of a child. If you look around the world, the movement is going to a default system of equal, shared parenting so that both parents in separation and divorce have equal access to children."The motion passed unanimously with a vote of 11 to zero, with seven abstentions. The Cabinet abstained, but Ramsay, noting that they did not vote against the motion, is confident that, with further study, they will come down strongly in favour of equal shared parenting.
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