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29 Apr 2021 Abortion: A Federal Budget Priority

A government budget tells us what their current priorities are. This year’s Federal budget shows multiple priorities for the government in the upcoming months. Among other details listed, the government includes a section which focuses on ‘Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Care Information and Services.’ It’s not very long, but there are a number of items in this section that stand out. The government treats abortion (as a part of ‘sexual and reproductive health care') as something which Canada needs to support wholeheartedly and provide unfettered access to. According...

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25 May 2009 Morgentaler wins ruling in N.B. court.

National Post, Saturday, May 23, 2009: A New Brunswick court has ruled Dr. Henry Morgentaler can continue to sue the province for its refusal to pay for abortions at his clinic in Fredericton. The court has dismissed the provincial government's appeal that Dr. Morgentaler, pictured, didn't have standing to represent the women of New Brunswick, and ordered the province to pay him $5,000 for legal costs. [Click here to keep reading.]...

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11 Aug 2008 Morgentaler Granted Legal “Standing” to Pursue Lawsuit against New Brunswick

Province refused to fund Morgentaler's private abortion clinic with taxpayer monies August 8, 2008 ( - Henry Morgentaler has been granted "public-interest standing" to proceed in his lawsuit against the Province of New Brunswick. "Standing" refers to the question of whether or not a plaintiff is sufficiently affected by a piece of legislation to justify his/her bringing forward a lawsuit against it. In 2003 Morgentaler launched his lawsuit over NB's refusal to fund his private clinic located in Fredericton. Morgentaler alleges Regulation 84-20 of the Medical Services Payment Act violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canada Health Act.
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