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08 Apr 2009 Story Update – Daughter Sues Father For Being Grounded

By ARPA Canada ( In a very disturbing decision, a Quebec father has lost his appeal of a lower court ruling in which his own daughter successfully sued him because she didn't like that he had grounded her.  ARPA Canada had reported on the original case back in June of last year and encouraged our readers to respond with letters to the editor. The case involved a 12-year old girl, whose parents had split up and she was currently living with her father. She was caught posting inappropriate pictures of herself online so her dad grounded her. The punishment was that she was not allowed to go on an upcoming school trip, even though her mom had earlier given her permission. 
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23 Mar 2009 Alberta Considers Making Parents’ Control over Education a “Human Right”

By Thaddeus M. Baklinski: EDMONTON, Alberta, March 23, 2009 ( - The Alberta government will consider changes to its human rights law to give parents more control over what their children will be taught in school, according to a Calgary Sun report."Though there is some coverage of this issue under existing rules governing schools, the decision of parents would now be recognized as a fundamental human right," the report explained.
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