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02 Sep 2021 Coercive Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates are Bad Public Policy

Several provincial governments have announced plans to roll out vaccine passports and/or require proof of vaccination against Covid-19 to attend events or enter “non-essential” spaces like gyms, restaurants, and theatres. Some provincial leaders have publicly mused about requiring proof of vaccination for church attendance. Federally, our prime minister is adamant that, if re-elected, his government will require Covid-19 vaccination to travel by plane or train. And many businesses, universities, and other government and non-government institutions are also requiring vaccination as a condition of employment or to be on their premises. There...

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28 Oct 2009 Does the Vaccine Matter?

ARPA Note: Medicine isn't our expertise so we have to rely on the findings of others to help inform us about the Swine Flu Vaccine hysteria. For another article that challenges most of the claims about the vaccine that we hear from the mainstream media, click here. By Shannon Brownlee and Jeanne Lenzer, The Atlantic, November 2009:  Why then has the federal government stockpiled millions of doses of antivirals, at a cost of several billion dollars? And why are physicians being encouraged to hand out prescriptions to large numbers of...

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